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Isothermal Batch Reactor Modeling in Athena

Isothermal Batch Reactor Modeling in Athena By: Elizabeth Jensen Date Posted: February 02,  2018 The fermentation of the bacterium Pseudomonas Ovalis that produces gluconic acid, is described by a system of differential equations that are solved in Athena and are also linked to an Excel based interface for ease of use Read More…

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President’s Corner

Welcome to the President’s Corner (P.C.) where you can find editorials, newsletters, and tutorials written by the President of Athena Visual Studio, Michael Caracotsios     Check weekly for updates

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  Biography of Professor Dr. Michael Caracotsios     Ph.D.    University of Wisconsin-Madison M.S.     University of Kentucky-Lexington B.S.      Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Greece       Michael began his career at Chevron, where he worked as a reservoir engineer performing steam-flood simulation studies and investigating the robustness and accuracy of numerical algorithms in predicting the…
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New Testimonials!

Check out our recent testimonials by Dow Chemical Company Employees

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