AthenaVisual Plus a unique software package that…

  • offers a fully integrated environment for process modeling, parameter estimation, optimal experimental design, model criticism and discrimination and graphical exploratory data analysis  of chemically reactive and non-reactive systems.
  • gives the user the freedom to develop his or her own models, but alleviates the tasks associated with solving the underlying   equations and estimating the model adjustable parameters
  • displays an advanced graphical interface to a set of powerful solvers for the robust and efficient handling of lumped and distributed parameter systems both dynamic and steady-state
  • offers seamless interfaces to Microsoft Excel and commercial simulators like UniSim, ASPEN Plus and ASPEN Hysys
  • provides an easy, direct and seamless link of all process models with powerful parameter estimation and statistical data analysis software, which
  • allows for the analysis of single, and multi-response experiments, model discrimination and optimal experimental design
  • offers a rich set of graphical capabilities that allows the users to interpret and disseminate the acquired information form the exploratory data analysis in a useful and effective manner

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