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Optimal Experimental Design: GREGPLUS also has sequential experimental design algorithms, which search over a menu of candidate experiments defined in the user's subroutine MODEL. GREGPLUS can identify the additional experiment, which yields the smallest inference region for the estimable parameters or for a desired subset of them, or one, which adds the most information on a parameter that could not be estimated from the available data. Alternatively, GREGPLUS can select for least total variance of a subset of the estimable parameters, or for best estimation of one or more process functions that depend on those parameters.

PDAPLUS: Partial-Differential-Algebraic solver and sensitivity analyzer for initial-boundary-value problems in two dimensions, t and x. This code uses the method of lines to solve mixed nonlinear systems of parabolic and first-order partial differential equations and/or algebraic equations. In contrast to our earlier code PDASAC, announced in [3], PDAPLUS offers a menu of discretization schemes (finite differences, orthogonal and finite-element collocation) for the x-coordinate, and can handle systems with multiple sub regions of x, such as layered media or plate columns.    


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